Digital Content Marketing: Potential of Career Development

profilepic135095_2 (1)The businesses around the world are experiencing the tremendous and consistent growth of digital marketing for over two decades. According to a report appeared at Statista, the U.S. alone spent about $59.82 billion for digital marketing in 2015 and the expenditure for the same purpose is expected to touch the figure $113.18 billion in 2020. The survey reports, shared by Econsultancy in 2016, state that more than 22% businesses were satisfied with the outcome of digital marketing. The advent of CTA (call to action) buttons enhanced the importance of digital marketing further by improving the conversion rate remarkably. Therefore, getting digital marketing training from a premium institute is a smart choice to flourish your career as a certified digital marketing expert.


Career Development in Digital Marketing:

Total-Media-Digital-Mobile-Internet-Ad-Spending-in-India-2013-2019.jpgToday, the digital marketing industry is a booming career option. In a country like India, with rapid economic growth, the career in digital marketing is enriched with success potentials. When every business, irrespective of its size and niche, is struggling to remain in the frontline, the demand for digital marketing specialists is sure to remain high. The increasing dependency on the online resources to get the desired information for the purchases also supports the demand of digital marketers. One major reason enabling digital marketing to overshadow the traditional marketing techniques is the advent of advanced internet marketing tools that are users’ friendly also; these tools keep the target audience engaged by helping the business owners or marketers to respond in real time. A report published by International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation states that India is set to see the incredible growth of digital marketing industry because of growing acceptance of e-commerce and online businesses; and, I expect the same for the career of content writers or SEO copy writers.   The trend is expected to continue for the decades because it is just the start; so, it is the best time to empower your profile with digital marketing certification.

And, no need to say that numbers of organizations provide training for digital marketers and SEO  content writers but selecting the best performing and recognized organization should be the focal point rather than choosing the one that offers the digital marketing training at a cheaper price and shorter period.